The River and the “I”

…it was one of those innocuous moments in life when one wakes up in state of disbelief oblivious of beauty which unfolds in its transient presence.

One fine morning, I found myself standing on the edge of a flowing river, a river which was tempting and oozing with cornucopia of love, her scintillating beauty splashing on her crystal clear ambrosia.ImageStanding close to the river I can only admire her beauty. I started walking along the bank to grasp every drop of her beauty. The two captivating green eyes, calm & caring, from the depth of river started following my soul.

As i walked along her, I felt the sensation of her curves meandering in her bloom through rocky and terrain surface. Her supple arms opened up, a deep urge from inside urged me to quench my thirst from her ambrosia of love.

It was difficult choice for me to whether just walk along the bank grasping her innate beauty or should take a deep plunge for her womb. Suddenly, a whiff of fresh air brought the tiny droplets of her which touched my carnal desires.

I saw her unblemished bosom opening up like an oyster with a milky pearl lying inside it, radiant and throbbing with life. Captivated, I sat there dangling my feets touching her. A tinkling sensation invited me to have a bathe in her pristine beauty.

Got one step closer, I spread up my arms, closed my eyes and took a final plunge in a world of uncertainties. I was there inside her. Feeling every single droplets of her absorbing me into her. My own naked self got reflected in her serene flow of water. My animal instincts started battling with her, but she undeterred holded herself as I crossed all the barriers. Her green eyes lit with wild desires and in a moment it vanished. Now, I was there into her thrusting, crushing and battling. I slipped into her nectar, sipping the burning sensation.

Immersed in her tranquilizing beauty. I went deep and deep to search “me” and i lost the “I”.


3 thoughts on “The River and the “I”

  1. Wow.. beautifully written Manish.. totally captivating and describes your state of mind so vividly… I could picture it all along… please continue writing.. you pen it down really well.. 🙂

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