Sneek Peek into India In Digital Age

Sneek Peek into India In Digital Age

India marching towards internet age and mobile revolution is proving to be game changer.


Create Advocates for Your Brand

Create Advocates for Your Brand

It is important that users liking your page, following your updates, sharing your posts or retweeing should get a royal treatment.

Let them interact – Bring them together through online & offline events like live events, in teleconferences, forums, and other networks so that they can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Market their triumphs & experiences- Share your users experiences. Profile customers’ achievements in any white papers or case studies you publish as much, if not more, than your own. Ask them to contribute and publish their inputs with fulll credit. Nothing works better than a good visible appreciation.

Have them do the talking- When you need someone to speak about your products or services in public forums or with the media, ask your PR person to take a back seat and give your customers the opportunity to speak on your behalf.

***Inspired from “How to Create True Customer Advocates,” by Bill Lee for Social Media Promotion.