Best Pratice on Social Media-Curate Well

Content that inspires, amuses, informs or assists people.

Content that inspires, amuses, informs or assists people.


“The best practice is to curate valuable content. This means content that inspires, amuses, informs, or assists people. Other than cheating by buying followers, it’s the only way to do this.”


Getting Social Media Right !

Social Media Quote

“If you’re using social media right, you will piss some people off.Deal with it. It’s not how much you post. It’s how good you post”

10 Simple Things to Plan for Successful TweetChat

1. #Hashtag

– Choose wisely. Register Hashtags on  Or  and share the link for participants to register. Use it in all your  online communications materials be it graphic or text.


2. Duration, Time & Day

-Select date &  time carefully. Choose after  traditional  working hours  of 10am-6pm.  Tweet chat  works well on Weekends. If it is an official chat for an organisation/brand it can be very well be accommodated into working hours.  The  duration can be of minimum 30 minutes and max an hour.


Tweetchat by Lawtoons


3. Topic

– Find a topical issues based on your brand/cause/organisation need & requirement.  The topic should evince interest among the social media users & participants.


4. Confirm Participants Or Panelists in Advance

-Make a list of invited participants or panelists in advance( twitter handle & 14 0 characters intro.). Get prior confirmation of their presence.  Look for subject experts  who has good social media presence.  If they are regular user of Twitter, then it is icing on the cake. Share the questions in advance with them so, they are better prepared.


5. Promotion of Tweet Chat  Through FB/Twitter/Web

-Design  Facebook event page with graphics with 5w and 1h (Why, What, Where, When, Who and How) . Also,  design  cover page of twitter in advance. Invite your friends & colleges. Schedule regular tweets in run up to the tweet chat through official twitter handle.  Identify twitter handles relevant to topic and DM them or mention them in your tweets and request for RT. If the panelists are on Facebook, tag them on event graphic with relevant information.  The website can create a separate page  with full information and relevant links.Create e-mailers for participation and sharing the news.


Tweet Chat - TheMeruki



6. Tweet Chat Moderator

– The role of tweet chat moderator is  just like  a virtual anchor who facilities the tweet chat conversation. Appreciate comments and add inputs to make the chat engaging. RT interesting Tweets. Also, share relevant facts & figure during the session. He /She must be social media savvy.


7. Tools to be Used

– Tweet Deck ( is must use for Tweet chat session. Moderator can handle multiple accounts on a single go. It gives you flexibility to have a separate column for Hashtags. You can easily monitor what participants are saying. It  also helpful in scheduling tweets in advance.


8. Thank You Shout for Supporters !

– Do not miss thanking each & everyone who participated in the tweet chat. Design a lovely graphics or publicly  acknowledge their support.  It does add positive value and long time engagement with the social media users.


9. Documentation

– Storify it. (  Create an account on storify and make a tweet chat storyboard like Q1 and selected  answers from different panelists on Q1.

– use Or to analysis the impact of tweet chat on analysis.

– It can be converted into a PDF and can be shared on official website.  Share it with all the participants.

Examples, Check :


 10. Enjoy.

– Makes good connection, lot of insights and it does amplify & spread your reach online.